Super Stars!

My Super Stars blanket pattern is now available to buy on either Ravelry or Etsy!

After making my Midnight Diamond blanket, I had an idea in my head for using tapestry crochet to make six-point stars inside hexagons. It took a bit of fiddling about to work out the best stitch pattern for this, but after a while I cracked it and I’m so pleased with the result. The stars just seem to be such a natural choice to put inside hexagons!

The hexagons are made one by one, and whilst crocheting the last round of each hexagon, you join it on to one (or more) hexagons that have already been made, fitting it into its place in the blanket. Personally, I love this “join-as-you-go” technique as you really get to see your blanket growing as you make the hexagons (and you don’t have the boring joining job to do at the end!).

The long edges of the blanket are zig-zaggy down the sides of the hexagons.

But the short edges are straight as the gaps between hexagons are filled with half-hexagons.

The half-hexagons were a bit trickier to work out how to do but again, after some fiddling about with some yarns and a hook, I worked out how to make them.

I used seven different colours for the stars, to make sure that there were never two colours the same next to each other. The pattern includes a chart showing how the seven colours are arranged over the whole blanket. However, you could of course use more or fewer colours.

If you’d like some inspiration of different colour combinations that you could use, check out #superstarsblanket for some fabulous ideas.

One of my testers, Helen @handmadeholme, put some plain hexagons into her blanket (with no star in them) and that looked really good too.

For the border, I initially tried stripes of different colours, but it didn’t work out quite as I imagined it in my head, so I frogged that.

I then opted for just a solid thick border all in blue, and I’m really pleased with the effect that has on the blanket. It seems to set off all the stars really well whilst still making a nice bold statement.

The pattern is available to purchase now on either Ravelry or Etsy.

I hope you enjoy it!


Midnight Diamonds..

Earlier this year I designed a new tapestry crochet blanket which I have called the Midnight Diamond blanket and I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog post about it yet..!

I have been totally overwhelmed by the love I have received for this blanket and have been really excited to see so many people making it. Do check out #midnightdiamondblanket on Instagram for heaps of Midnight Diamond inspiration!

My blanket is made of twenty squares joined together and was inspired by pictures of old tiles that I’d seen. I wanted to have a pattern that would continue over the squares when they were joined together and, as you can see, the effect is quite striking and somewhat mesmerising!

The name for the blanket comes from the diamonds in the squares and one of the yarns I used (Midnight).

The blanket is made with Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Midnight and Cream. However, it works well in a variety of different yarns, including chunkier yarns and cotton.

It’s available to buy on Ravelry, Etsy and Love Crochet and is available in both UK and US terms (currently the US version is only on Ravelry and Etsy but I will add it to Love Crochet soon too).

I have also just finished making a cushion cover using four Midnight Diamond squares and the cushion and blanket go together perfectly. Once I have some photos of it I will write a post about how I made it.

Happy crocheting everyone!

Geo Georgie Blanket Pattern Released

Last week saw the culmination of many hours of work not only by me but also by eight fabulous testers who agreed to test my blanket pattern for me.

Check out #geogeorgieblanket on Instagram to see their amazing blankets, and even one wall hanging! It was so much fun seeing my blanket brought to life in all the gorgeous different colours they chose!

This was the first time I’ve written a crochet pattern and I got lots of great feedback from my testers about it. So after some changes and improvements, my pattern was ready to release.

Thursday was release day I’m delighted to say that I’ve already sold several copies of it and I can’t wait to see the blankets that are made. Thank you so much if you are one of the people who has already bought a copy!

The pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy and Love Crochet, so if you like the look of it, why not get yourself a copy and get hooking?

I’m now working on a couple of cushion cover designs (see my Instagram feed for pics) and hope to write up the patterns for those soon too.

Have a great week everyone!

Heart cup cosy – free crochet pattern

I wrote a little pattern for a tapestry crochet cup cosy. It would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day don’t you think? Perhaps with a re-usuable coffee cup like one of these KeepCups.

Here’s the pattern…

You will need a small amount of aran yarn in two colours, A and B. I used Stylecraft Special Aran in Storm Blue and Cream.

You will also need a 5 mm crochet hook and, optionally, a 5.5 mm hook as well.

The pattern uses standard UK crochet terminology and is made using the tapestry crochet technique. To switch to US crochet terms, just replace all the “tr” in the pattern with “dc”.

To change colour, change the yarn on the last step of the previous tr stitch, i.e. pull the new yarn through the last two loops of the previous tr stitch.

Starting chain – with yarn A ch 28, join to 1st ch with ss to form a loop.

Row 1 (ws) – ch 2 (counts as 1 tr in this row and throughout rest of the pattern), tr in next ch and in each further ch around loop, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2. Turn. [28 stitches].

Row 2 (rs) – ch 2, tr in next 12 sts.  Change to yarn B, tr in next st crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next 14 sts, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2. Turn. [28 stitches].

Row 3 (ws) – ch 2, tr in next  12 sts.  Change to yarn B, tr in next 5 sts crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next 10 sts, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2. Turn. [28 stitches].

Row 4 (rs) – ch 2, tr in next 9 sts.  Change to yarn B, tr in next 3 sts crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next st crocheting over yarn B.  Change to yarn B, tr in next 3 sts crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next 11 sts, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2. Turn. [28 stitches].

Row 5 (ws) – ch 2, tr in next 12 sts.  Change to yarn B, tr in next st crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next 3 sts crocheting over yarn B.  Change to yarn B, tr in next st crocheting over yarn A.  Change to yarn A, tr in next 10 sts, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2. Cut yarn B. Turn. [28 stitches].

Row 6 (rs) – ch 2, tr in next 27 sts, join with ss to 2nd ch from initial ch 2.  Fasten off.

Top and bottom edging – join yarn B anywhere along top (bottom) edge with rs facing, and ss (not too tightly!  This is where you may want to go up a hook size) along the edge.  Join with ss to initial ss and fasten off.

Sew in your ends and give to your true love to enjoy, or just enjoy it yourself!

January 2019

January was a fun month here, despite the short days and cold weather. I got quite a bit of crochet done, sent my first ever crochet pattern out to a group of wonderful testers, and celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday. Thank goodness for those things because the weather has been pretty rubbish!

The main piece I’ve been crocheting this month was my Bertie blanket. I was totally blown away by the love for this blanket that I received on Instagram. It seems that so many of you loved the colours I chose for it. I was so happy that it received so much love, so thank you so much for all your appreciation of it! The little boy that I was making it for was born at the end of January and he will soon be receiving it. I hope he likes it as much as you all did!

Around the middle of January I posted a call for testers for my Geo Georgie Blanket. Lots of people were really speedy to reply and I have a fabulous group of eight lovely testers who are now busy making their own versions of my blanket. Since my version was in monochrome, all grey, white and black, it has been so much fun watching the coloured versions of my blanket grow and develop. Please check out #geogeorgieblanket on Instagram to see what my testers have been up to. If all goes to plan, I hope to release the pattern for it towards the end of this month, so watch this space!

During a quiet moment I also had a little play with this fishy pattern, using the same tapestry (or is it intarsia? I’m not actually sure..) crochet technique as I used for my Geo Georgie Blanket. The fish aren’t quite as well defined as I’d like so I’m not sure about it, but I may expand it one day and write it up as a cushion or blanket pattern. I think it would be fun for a child’s room, don’t you think?

I also finally finished my Sunday Funday Cardi by @iron_lamb. I started it last summer but kind of fell out of love with it when I realised that my tension was too loose and it was coming out much bigger than intended! However, I was loathe to frog it and I have finally finished it now. Some one said to me it will be like wearing a blanket and I do agree that it will be great for snuggling in on cold days at home.

So what do I have planned for February? Well, besides getting my Geo Georgie Blanket pattern finished off and released (and I am *really* excited about that!), I have just started work on @lottieandalbert‘s fabulous Rainbow Blanket CAL. I am loving the pattern and already have plans to make more than one of this blanket. It is so much fun to pick colours for!


Last January I made a Bertie blanket following Amy @littledoolally‘s gorgeous pattern. I gave it to a friend for her new baby girl.

This is the one I made:

I don’t know what it is about this pattern which makes it so appealing but it really is, and the endless possibilities with different colour combinations means it’s one that you can come back to again and again!

Exploring #bertieblanket on Instragram is a really great source of inspiration for different ideas.

So this January, with another of my friends expecting a new baby some time this month, I decided to make another, and here it is so far:

I have been totally overwhelmed by the response to this blanket when I first posted it on my Instagram account. It’s had at least ten times as many likes as my other posts!

I’ve been asked about the colours I’m using so I’ve decided to list them here in case anyone else would like to use them. They are all Stylecraft Special DK yarn, which is 100% acrylic and lovely and soft.

The main colour is grey.

The other colours are:

  • Duck Egg
  • Storm Blue
  • Lincoln
  • Pistachio
  • Buttermilk
  • Vintage Peach
  • Mocha
  • Mushroom
  • Parma Violet

Here they are on the lovely yarn pegs I bought from The Polkadot Giraffe. I used these pegs to choose the colours as they are such an easy and fun way to play around with different combinations to see what will work.

Please do let me know if you use these colours in any of your creations as I’d love to see what they look like!

Designing a new blanket

I’ve had this idea in my head for a blanket for a while now.  It’s inspired by all the monochrome and geometric style home décor items that seem to be so popular at the moment.

To tell you the truth, I actually nearly frogged it after the first few rows as I thought it wasn’t working.  But I changed my mind, decided to see how it looked after a few more rows, and I’m so pleased I did.

It’s not *exactly* how I wanted it to be, and there are definitely some changes I’d make if I were starting again, but as a first go at my very first blanket design, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out.

I’ve not quite finished it yet but I’m over half-way now and, as it’s going to be symmetrical, I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like in the end now.

Except for the border, I haven’t decided quite how I’ll do the border yet.  But I’m thinking that with all the pattern in the blanket itself, a simple and relatively plain border will probably be best.

Can’t wait to see how this looks when it’s all done